FGPG has always included stonework in our garden projects, particularly since our weather is harsh and does not sustain ‘fancy’ plants.  This is in the form of drystane walling and rockeries. 


Over the last 3 years, the Inspiring Landscape community arts project has encouraged local people to study our surrounding rural landscape.  Stone features prominently in old farm cottages, stane-dykes and walls which have existed for perhaps a 100 years or more.  Through the recent Craving Culture project, local people have been inspired to see stone carved to commemorate, decorate and create a permanent record and legacy in the landscape at places such as Little Sparta, Rosslyn Chapel and Jupiter Artland and they now want to create stone art work in their own community.

The Making Our Mark project will inform and teach stone carving techniques to local people so that they can both appreciate the art form and decorate stones with inspirational words and patterns to enhance public gardens and open spaces within our community.


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